Luke Perkowski | Automotive Technology | SIU

Southern Illinois University



Luke Perkowski

Company: Bosch

Position: Product Manager 

What do you love the most about the Automotive Technology Program at SIU?

As an undergrad, my favorite parts of the program were the curriculum and faculty. When you can relate your interests with your courses and instructors, finding motivation is never a problem.

Today, I can most appreciate the networking I have with my past peers. A few friends from SIUC are colleagues, but many more are at other companies throughout the industry. These friends are a great resource – whether it be for advice, sharing experiences or even business and career opportunities, having a relationship with so many people in the industry is invaluable.

How has the Automotive Technology Program prepared you for what you do? 

Most of the courses I had taken through the automotive program developed my critical thinking and problem solving skills. Although at first one may not realize, the systematic approach that is taken in diagnosing today’s complex vehicles teaches you skills that can be applied in everyday business. Becoming effective at problem solving comes from practice, and bringing that experience from your lab courses can be applied to a variety of challenges companies have today (and not just the technical ones.)

Give us a snap shot of what you do everyday. 

Develop and maintain product lines by analyzing market and customer demands, collaborate with our engineering teams on technology and quality requirements, release catalogs / trade materials and support our sales teams with product information, customer presentations and training.

Any advice for current and future students?

Don't underestimate when your career opportunities will start to develop. Apply for internships and co-ops as early as your freshmen year and don’t be afraid of those that are extended terms or in different states. Tackling these opportunities and gaining the experience early on can make you a valuable candidate for employers before you even graduate.