Jason Davis | Automotive Technology | SIU

Southern Illinois University



Jason Davis

Company: Gates Corporation

Position: Product Manager 

What do you love the most about the Automotive Technology Program at SIU?

The Automotive Technology program offers its students classes in both business and automotive technology. This prepares the students for entry level positions that span a broad spectrum.

How has the Automotive Technology Program prepared you for what you do? 

SIU’s Automotive program helped me to get internships with Robert Bosch LLC before graduation. I went through two 6 month internship rotations at Bosch. This allowed me to take what I learned at work back to the classroom. This combination of work and classroom experience increased what I was able to take away from the program and use on the job both at Bosch and now at the Gates Corporation.

Give us a snap shot of what you do everyday. 

My primary responsibility is to manage the Fleet Hose product lines at Gates. I do a gap analysis to determine what sizes of hose and types of couplings are needed in the program in order to increase our sales and pursue new growth opportunities. Once I have determined what we need to add, I work with our internal and external suppliers to get a quote and determine if it is commercially viable based on its cost. If the product cost is competitive, I proceed to set the product price to the market. This process involves extensive pricing analysis and careful planning based on our internal strategy. Then I work with our marketing activation group to create collateral (flyers, posters, counter displays) and promotions that will aid our sales force in selling our product.

Any advice for current and future students?

Future students should focus on taking classes that will make them well rounded. They should have a basic understanding of: Marketing, Management, Accounting, Automotive Technology and Business Finance in order to be equipped for the various opportunities that are ahead of them.