James Seargent | Automotive Technology | SIU

Southern Illinois University



James Seargent

Company: Bosch

Position: Sr. Customer Marketing Analyst 

What do you love the most about the Automotive Technology Program at SIU?

The ability to be flexible with my learning structure. I was urged to focus on something I knew nothing about. It promoted my ability to ask questions and become a strong problem solver. Ultimately developing my passion for automotive technology.

How has the Automotive Technology Program prepared you for what you do? 

I was able to hit the ground running. Being a specialist in automotive technology from the shop level to the corporate level. I am rarely in a room with a person that has the breadth of automotive knowledge as myself. In that rare occasion, it is another SIU Automotive Technology grad.

Give us a snap shot of what you do everyday. 

I analyze different automotive aftermarket business channels to provide the “Go to Market Strategy” for my company. I work with Marketing & Sales to present new process as well as focus direction to Sr management.

Any advice for current and future students?

Spend your time learning everything you can from your peers and instructors at SIU. You will never be surrounded with the caliber of knowledge and passion for automotive technology once your leave. It does not matter what vehicle you use to gather the knowledge as long as it drives your passion.