Abraham Lopez | Automotive Technology | SIU

Southern Illinois University



Abraham Lopez

Company: Bosch

Position: Associate Product Manager 

What do you love the most about the Automotive Technology Program at SIU?

I love the devotion and dedication that the instructors have in making the program excellent, as well as the theory and hands on approach that the classes are structured around. Additionally, I also love the unique and endless opportunities that the program offers to students.

How has the Automotive Technology Program prepared you for what you do? 

The SIU Automotive Program has given me a deep technical understanding on every aspect of an automobile that I believe is unmatched by any other program. The business courses that are offered provide a good foundation for understanding how companies operate. This unique mix of business and technical courses has given me and other SIU Automotive graduates an edge while working within the Automotive field, and is something employers look for in our industry.

Give us a snap shot of what you do everyday. 

I work as product manager for the automotive aftermarket division of a multinational global 500 company. I am part of a team that manages a multi-million dollar portfolio of gasoline system related products. This includes responding to customer requests, researching business development opportunities, product lifecycle management, developing product literature, and supporting our sales force.

Any advice for current and future students?

I would advise students to work hard and not be afraid to ask questions or ask for help from professors when needed. I would also strongly recommend for them to take advantage of the opportunities that are offered through the program and to keep in touch with their professors and classmates after graduation.