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Imagine the Possibilities

A School of Automotive where outstanding teaching fuels student curiosity. Where students become the next generation of leaders. Where the standard of excellence is set for the industry. This is SIU!

SIU Automotive is committed to help continue leading this industry and accelerating forward. We are poised to make great strides in our mission with the help and support from our alumni, friends, and industry.

Online support for our priority areas can be accomplished with the form below. Learn more about our priority funds or our other support funds at areas to support and funding priorities. Online giving to our other support funds can be accomplished by searching the fund name on the SIU Foundation’s website.

Please contact us if your passion is to develop a new area of support. Gifts of any size can help provide a margin of excellence to directly influence our trajectory. Together we can accelerate SIU Automotive forward!

Learn about how various gifts have directly improved what we do at SIU Automotive by viewing our Gifts in Action. Learn more about some of the many Ways to Give when imagining the possibilities!

Matched Gifts

Your gift to the School of Automotive may be doubled or tripled through your company’s matching gift program! Some companies even match gifts made by retirees and/or their spouses. To find out if a company has a matching gift policy, please enter the company’s name in the database on the following SIU Foundation Website.

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