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Admission Process

Automotive Technology at Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC) is recognized both nationally and internationally for its quality, excellence, and prominence in the automotive, truck, diesel, and mobility industry.

Admission into the Program is through a holistic secondary review admissions process. This review allows the Program to look beyond just test scores and grades to evaluate each applicant.

  1. First, individuals must complete the application to the university and indicate Automotive Technology as their intended major.

    1. We recommend starting the application process at least one year prior to your expected term of entry.

    2. Early application can provide several benefits such as providing the best chance for admission to the nation’s premier automotive technology program and consideration for scholarships.

    3. Complete and submit your FAFSA form as soon as possible after October 1 for priority consideration. 

    4. December 1 is the deadline for most campus-based scholarships. Private scholarships have their own timeframes.

  2. Once admitted to the University, applicants are placed into the Automotive Technology Applicant Pool for a Program specific secondary review.

  3. The secondary review is conducted utilizing submitted information on the SIUC application. There is no separate program application.

    1. The timing of the secondary review and our “Accelerate! – Early Action Admission” is described in our admission process document. 

  4. Notification of all Program admission decisions will be delivered via postal mail to the address on file. This mailing will also include a list of important next steps.

  5. Congratulations to those admitted to SIU Automotive Technology! Please be sure to read and follow the next steps as outlined in your mailing.

    1. Call (618-453-4024)or email the Program ( to confirm and lock in your place for entering our next class.

    2. Program of Study so you can become acquainted with the curriculum, options, and various minors.

    3. Consider what required tools you will need for the Program. This document also contains various possible vendor discount packages.

    4. Checkout the following very important steps for admitted students 

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email the Program at 618-453-4024 or