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Affording SIU | Automotive Technology | SIU

Costs and Aid

When you choose a college or university, you are investing in your future. We want to make it as easy for you as possible.

Tuition and Fees

As a publicly supported institution, we offer exceptional value. Remember, the tuition rate you pay as a freshman locks in for four years. If you are from one of our border states, you should know about the in-state equivalent rate. If your parent or guardian is an SIU alum, you may be eligible for the Legacy Alternate Tuition Rate.

Financial Aid

Nearly 80 percent of SIU students receive financial aid. Our financial aid counselors are ready to help you walk through the application process, and help you receive any aid for which you qualify.


Each year, the SIUC Automotive Technology Department awards thousands of dollars of scholarships provided by manufacturers, endowments, and friends of the program. See the scholarship List for a listing of active scholarships. Be sure to apply for the scholarships by visiting Make sure you complete the GENERAL SCHOLARSHIP Form (if you have not already) and complete the AUTOMOTIVE SCHOLARSHIP form, which includes the Essay Portion. For four of the scholarships, you must submit recommendation letters to be eligible.

Also, consider applying for scholarships available outside of the Automotive Program. See the External Scholarship List for a listing of various other scholarships.

Student Employment

The student employment program offers a variety of jobs that are available throughout campus. Students are paid on an hourly basis, usually at the SIUC minimum wage rate, and normally work between 10-20 hours per week.