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We are a volunteerism organization that believes in supporting our automotive community, building civic responsibility, and giving back to our industry and program. Since every aspect of the global automotive industry is dependent upon our customers and supporting partners, industry seeks to hire those who understand and support this through demonstrated volunteerism.

Becoming an Automotive Ambassador:

  • broadens your career network
  • provides perspective and understanding
  • builds valuable experience
  • highlights your communication and leadership skills
  • shows that you are self-motivated
  • enhances your education
  • makes a positive change


Automotive Technology Ambassadors, Fall 2015

Back Row: Janette Ramirez, Mac Morehead, Dennis Moiceanu

Middle Row: Zach Burr, Jordan Butts, Mitchell Dust, Aaron Weckhorst, Ryan Hoelscher, David Lyons, John Grischow, Mitch Hauser, Anthony Heathcoat, Kyle Palermo, Scott Sullivan, Melissa Vanderwater

Front Row: Sam Peyton, Fidel Chavez, Tyler Sifuentez, Younjae Kim, Dominic Lucchesi, Ashley Nelson, Jessica Thoma